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iOS is a very popular mobile platform for business and entertainment apps. Usually, every businessman uses an iPhone, so this type of development is more relevant if you want to position your app for the business area. Nevertheless, entertainment and assistance apps compile a vast majority on iTunes and other app stores for iOS. Ordering mobile development, our customers primely prefer creating the app on iOS, and then on Android and other platforms.

What software on iOS we create


Business Apps

Business and iOS are keeping together. Every entity tries to position itself for a more developed market. Europe and the USA outstand by using iPhones particularly. VironIT emphasis on importance of business iOS App Development services among other spheres and tries to keep solution’s quality as high as possible





Today, iOS app stores can suggest more games than other platforms. So, mobile development usually starts at iOS.

Messengers and Social networks

A perspective field that can be improved as for entertainment, as for business.



Internet of Things

IoT development will make our life more convenient and relaxing. Connected devices drive! This is the future we all should pay attention.


Our company has experience with various wearable devices: Fitbit, Pebble, Apple Watch 1, Apple Watch 2.

Project manager leading the iOS technology


Maxim Ravgen

Experience: 5 years

Related specializations:

broad experience in management of small and large projects with fancy mobile UI and highloaded backend using Agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban; Maxim also leads Unity3D department and involved in VR/AR projects. Successfully completed 40+ projects.

Managed teams up to: 25 persons

English level: Upper Intermediate

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Example of the code

A small example of using AFNetworking to implement authentication. Receiving a token and saving it.



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