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VironIT is an international IT-company founded in 2004 as a provider of custom software development services (mobile apps, web-oriented solutions, business software).

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At first, there were two different companies – Antalika and VironIT – that were united in 2014. Together, we have managed to do more and better. Combining all the experience they have worked side by side. Antalika gave a branch of auction development into a common business, for instance, developed such an auction platform as Scandy. VironIT has already had successful experience in game development, starting at the game Time of silence once.

So, now, two captains are driving the ship. They united their experience and gathered a competent team of developers.

Maksim Osipau
Maksim Osipau


Alexey Grakov
Alexey Grakov


During 15 years, the company was growing, enhancing performance and extending the list of customers. We’ve implemented more than 600 completed projects, that means more than 400 customers have chosen us. It was different orders for small and big projects, and we coped with all the challenges successfully.

VironIT’s activity aims to develop high-quality products along with meeting customers’ needs and requirements with regard to the state-of-the-art technologies.

VironIT company consists of company group of VironIT LLC and VAsoft LLC and belong to the same owners.


VironIT takes responsibility for the quality of its services, for the expediency and soundness of the decisions made in the development process, for the fulfillment of its obligations, as well as for the confidence reposed by our customers, providing guaranteed maintenance of our software products.


For us, it means professional fulfillment of our obligations, based on a deep understanding of development processes, solid knowledge, and experience, compliance with safety requirements and ensuring absolute confidentiality.


Efficient distribution of time and material resources for the project, making expedient decisions, resulting in the development of a competitive software product. It is one of the basic principles of VironIT.


We provide instant support for our customers. We communicate where it is comfortable to you.

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