PHP Web App Development Services

PHP and MySQL web development is the most required in our company because the majority of web projects are usually written in PHP language. PHP seems more relevant for creating dynamic web pages, sites with a complex structure, web applications. Therefore, customers often hire PHP developers. PHP rapid development tool definitely wins.


What software based on PHP we create


Enterprise software

We create enterprise management software in PHP, any possible corporate programs for business management as well as ERP systems.




Server and Back-end parts

PHP is often used for creating a custom personal part where all settings will be under control by an admin. Server parts can be built for mobile apps, web apps, portals and catalogues. VironIT very often uses PHP-based backend applications as an example of PHP Web App development services delivering.


Corporate websites, E-commerce platforms, auctions, online shops – actually, all the sites may be written in PHP language. PHP is the most adaptable technology for web development.


Project manager leading the PHP technology


Maxim Ravgen

Experience: 5 years

Related specializations:

broad experience in management of small and large projects with fancy mobile UI and high-loaded backend using Agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban; Maxim also leads Unity3D department and involved in VR/AR projects. Successfully completed 40+ projects.

Managed teams up to: 25 persons

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Look at our cases in PHP language

Sample of the PHP code

A piece of the code for a medical project. For this matter, we developed 2 mobile apps for clients and pharmacies and a server-side PHP BackOffice. The sample of the code is responsible for adding a new doctor into the system, editing information about the doctor and removal of the doctor (regular CRUD operations).


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