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Our team is ready to start developing, fixing or supporting your game. We can get to work at any stage of a project and are capable of mobile games for iOS and Android, PC games and VR (HTC, Vive, Oculus quest, Windows Mixed Reality).

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Most of our clients are game development companies that are looking for game outsourcing suppliers. However, sometimes it can be interesting to companies not specializing in this sphere, so they hire us for their customers.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups or any indie entities hire us to form a team that will provide full cycle game dev from a raw idea to a final product, including support and maintenance.

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What games we create:

Our products are getting popular and have more than 30 mln downloads in general. Using the technology stack given below we have implemented 50+ projects that were ordered by over 30 customers just for 10 years.


  • Mobile games (Android, iOS)
  • VR games (HTC Vive, Oculus quest, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR))
  • PC games


  • Casual games
  • Hyper casual games
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Shooters
  • Board games porting
  • Collectible card games


  • Unity
  • Photon
  • Python
  • Playfab/games sparks
  • Steam VR
  • ARKit/ARCore
  • Vuforia

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