Java Application Development Services

Java is a reliable platform which enables to build a wide range of software from mobile apps to high-end enterprise systems, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and wearable devices. Business votes for Java when it needs reliable, scalable and secure applications with a good sense of flexibility. VironIT has helped dozens of customers in 15 countries harness the power of Java to increase revenue and run a more predictable business.


What projects in Java we create




ERP / CRM systems

Enterprise Resource Planning and Custom Relationships Management are the most applicable sphere of Java. Due to Java opportunities, our developers can help in controlling your business processes.

Web App development 

While providing Java application development services VironIT usually creates on Java different desktop apps and system applications without interfaces, applied just for transferring data.



Android development

Java is also used by us as a base for Android development in creating mobile apps for Google Play.

Project manager leading Java technology


Maxim Ravgen

Experience: 5 years

Related specializations:

broad experience in management of small and large projects with fancy mobile UI and high-loaded backend using Agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban; Maxim also leads Unity3D department and involved in VR/AR projects. Successfully completed 40+ projects.

Managed teams up to: 25 persons

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Look at our cases made with Java

Sample of the Java code

In Runa Workflow system the tasks can be carried out by specific applications named bots as well as by humans. Every bot must have a corresponding user account. Every bot is registered in a bot station that periodically invokes all registered bots. Bot receives a task assigned to the corresponding user and delegates the task execution to the TaskHandler assigned for this task.




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