AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS is a framework mostly applied for web development. Usually, developing a website, programmers write a front-end part in Angular and a back-end part in Node.JS. This junction is considered the best way because helps to build heavy projects, for example, portals.

What projects in Angular we create

Front-end web development

Our front-end web developers implement interfaces for web applications. Angular copes with designing fast-loaded UI that could speed up sales or influence on user’s behavior within the product. So, our AngularJS development services meet the latest trends in JS-development.



Mobile front-end development

With the power of the Angular Mobile Toolkit, we build speedy Web apps that load instantly on any device, even without an internet connection. Angular-based apps provide great searchability, shareability, and no-install-required-ability of the Web without compromise.

Project manager leading Angular JS technology


Aleksandra Filipovich

Experience: 5 years

Related specializations:

QA, analytics, has experience in Angular, PHP, .NET, Node.JS project management and risk management.

Managed teams up to: 12 persons

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Sample of the AngularJS code


Code description:

  • displays errors to the user;
  • resets mailbox, logs them in and redirects;
  • logs the user in;
  • verifies the code reset code from the user;
  • shows a new form of success in the view using flags;
  • initialized in the view; setups stuff; depends on the user has recovery email set;
  • requests a reset of the token;
  • emails to a user; if the email is not set, the token returns from API directly; the response will not return a token if emailed.

How to start AngularJS project

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