Web Applications Development

Our vast experience in web application development enables us to provide professional level services, offering development, deployment and modernization of web applications with different complexity – from websites to high load web projects (social networks, video and audio communications software, etc.)

One of our major activities is development of web projects that have a number of advantages as compared to conventional software:

  1. make it possible to save money on installation: primarily due to the fact that web applications are installed on the server and therefore there is no need to configure each computer;
  2. ensure quick and easy updating of information;
  3. concentrate information by means of centralized storage, which minimizes data loss risks;
  4. provide concurrent access of many people to the information of different types;
  5. make it possible to provide conditions for the remote control over manufacturing process.

Our services make it possible:

  • to develop applications for placement and convenient dissemination of information;
  • to integrate payment services and systems into web application as a new, convenient and fast method of payment for goods or services;
  • to ensure interaction between web applications and any social networks and mobile devices, providing thereby maximum audience reach.

VironIT provides full range of services for development, integration and modernization of web projects:

  1. design of the project. At this stage of  development our team prepares a specification of project requirements, taking into account existing trends in the development of high technologies, and makes an assessment of necessary time and material resources;
  2. development of design and architecture of the application, with regard to its goals and objectives;
  3. development of application functions;
  4. testing and debugging;
  5. integration and support of web product.

Our company’s expert base of web application development is a set of modern technologies, backed by the expertise of our staff:

Programming languages: Databases: Technologies: CMS/Frameworks:
– PHP – MySQL – ASP.NET – Drupal
– C# – MSSQL – NoSQL – Joomla
– Java Script – PostgreSQL – HTML 5 – WordPress
– HTML – Dynamo DB – Bitrix
– HTML 5 – Zend framework
– Kohana framework
– Yii framework
– Symfony framework


To start cooperation with us please send us a request or order a callback.  Our experts will contact you within one work day.