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Travel Software Solution

Project Overview

The project is a members-only service for travellers, which combines personalized trip planning by experts with online and mobile travel content and tools.

In a nutshell, each member is assigned to a professional travel designer or planner. Trip planners craft a personal trip proposal and serve as the main point before, during, and after the trip. Each trip proposal is based on combining insights from editors with expert support from travel specialists—life and travel journalists from leading publications— within a specific destination.

The app consists of 3 separate modules:

  1. Portal for the target audience. Here service members can create travel requests, read blog posts or service overview.
  2. Portal for travel editors. It allows travel specialists to compose trip proposals and content.
  3. Library with custom controls and components

What benefits do this software provide?

  • Access to a members-only mobile app with expertly curated listings of hotels, restaurants, and experiences.
  • Unlimited access to their own dedicated trip planner.
  • Custom-crafted itineraries by our team of experts.
  • Unparalleled global intelligence, with frequent updates on destination trends and news.
  • On-the-go app.
  • Special promotions and deals.


Travel concierge service startup.


Travel and hospitality.


The customer entrusted us with the development of a unified interface that could effectively aggregate and simplify cooperation with third-party suppliers.

Also, we were challenged to prepare the application for the new design, and transfer custom components and elements to the library.

Development Process

To change the app to the new design, we have rewritten the markup and styles of existing components. The custom components were transferred to the library. These can then be used in the various modules of the project.

Technologies and tools used: Angular 10, RxJS, SCSS, Jira.


Our team delivered a user-friendly mobile app addressing all the main business challenges of the customer. The app’s business efficiency significantly increased. We successfully performed multiple supplier integrations, optimized booking and content management processes.


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