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B2B Ecommerce Website for Equipment Selling

Project overview

This project is an international remote B2B online store specialized in selling industrial, warehouse, and office equipment. The company’s product range is 70,000 items which are not only working tools but also other products for any needs business may have.

Within the website, customers can find necessary items using a search bar or browsing the catalog categories. Once customers found what they’re looking for, it can be added to the cart and orders can be placed directly on the website. To confirm the order, the user has to have an account and be logged in. 

To get acquainted with the full product range, users can leave a request for a digital catalog which is an interactive ebook where you can tap on the item to follow the link to this product on the website.


One of the leading European remote B2B suppliers of enterprise equipment, warehouse fitting, and office equipment. 


E-commerce, retail.


The challenge was to migrate the functionality from an old desktop website into a new React-based web application written from scratch. The main focus was to make the website responsive so that it could be viewed properly on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. Along with responsiveness, we should have made the website multilingual and SEO friendly. 

Development process

By the time we joined, the work had already been in progress for over a year. The main technological stack was written in React, Redux, and Redux-Thunk. 

For unit and integration testing, we decided to use a Jest JavaScript testing framework. 

For E2E and SEO testing, we used a Jest-Puppeteer preset.


We obtained a modern React-based website with a scalable prices module. Besides, we performed numerous corrections and code optimization work in the existing functionality. We provided additional SEO optimization and improved the internationalization.

As a result, the client managed to migrate all their stores to the new React web application.


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