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Garbage Truck Driver App

Project Overview

The project is an application for drivers of garbage trucks, which automates the process of garbage collection.

Drivers can easily view and scroll through their route list, update stop activity, and receive dispatched work in real-time. Route information is easily entered via a drop-down selection that instantly transmits back to the app.

Driver activities and their GPS locations are sent to customer service or dispatching and displayed via Google Maps. All information flows back to the app in real time, with back-office functions like route productivity, work orders, billing, and route follow-up completed instantly.

Also, the application allows drivers to scan the QR codes of the containers that need to be collected and display them on the board. Further, garbage truck drivers can set up automatic payments for the services they provide.


EU-based startup.


Public Services, Smart Cities


We were challenged to develop applications for garbage truck drivers with QR and automatic payment system functionality.

Development Process

Our specialists were engaged in all the development stages. Our team investigated the customer domain area and suggested optimal ways of developing a functional and user-friendly application suite.

Although the solution was developed from scratch, a part of mobile functionality (geolocation, maps, security) was built using framework libraries that were customized and refined during the development.

Technologies and tools used:

  • Kotlin,
  • Clean architecture,
  • MVVM,
  • Hilt,
  • Coroutines,
  • Retrofit,
  • GSON,
  • Work Manager,
  • LiveData, Room,
  • Navigation Component,
  • View Binding,
  • CameraX,
  • Glide,
  • Firebase,
  • OneSignal SDK,
  • Sentry SDK.


In the course of 6 months, the solution was developed in accordance with all the customer requirements. This solution is currently in the implementation phase. The customer appreciated our proactive approach and now is planning a new project with us.


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