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Banking Super App

Project Overview

The project is a banking super app that allows users to manage their financial life in one app. The app provides outstanding financial services and a smooth user experience on any device.

Super-app features:

  • Digital banking, including all its financial products.
  • Seamless integration with all bank’s ecosystem components and services.
  • Marketplace for products and services provided by partners to cater to users’ needs.
  • End-to-end integration with the voice assistant.
  • Regular transfers and automatic payments of taxes, fines, utility bills.
  • Scanning and payment of receipts without entering payment details.
  • Check and pay your traffic fines, subscribe to be notified about new fines.
  • Information about your accounts, deposits, and loans.
  • Spending tracker with detailed breakdown by deposit and account.
  • Searching the entire app: transactions, favorite payments, events, providers, and contacts.


Large fintech organization.


FinTech, banking software development.


Our task was to improve the existing online banking and fix bugs. Also, the customer entrusted us with the development of the back end of the application.

Tech Stack

  • Spring Boot,
  • SpringData,
  • Firebase FCM,
  • Amazon SNS,
  • Amazon S3,
  • Twillio,
  • Twillio SendGrid,
  • Liquibase,
  • SpringSecurity,
  • Onfleet,
  • Stripe


As a result, a vast number of bugs were fixed and the notification system was adjusted.


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