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Frizzy Hair Prediction App

Project Overview

This project is the most advanced and accurate hair weather app, providing personalized hair weather forecasting.

You will get daily notifications based on local forecasts to find out hair care tips, product recommendations, and some styling suggestions to match the day’s weather.

Other apps forecast hair weather using a simplistic approach based on a single variable of humidity or temperature. This app uses a formula based on multiple variables, including your hair and experiences in real-world weather conditions. This layer of personalization is a first in the category and can dramatically improve forecasting accuracy.

The project consists of 3 parts: Backend, Admin panel, and iOS application. The application also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Apple ID, which allows you to enter the application using credentials from these services.

Key Features:

  • The app provides advanced 10-day weather forecasts for all locations you choose.
  • To personalize forecasts, this app gathers essential data on your hair and monitors the impacts of weather conditions on it.
  • Push notifications to inform you of your last hair weather forecast without reopening the app.
  • The social media sharing feature allows you to share hair weather updates with friends or report on good hair weather in an area.


The US-based entrepreneur.




The challenge was to develop a frizzy hair prediction app that asks you to select your hair type and input your location to provide you with information on what kind of products to use in your hair for the day.

Development Process

We have implemented from scratch a system of setting animations for weather forecasts. This system takes into account the weather on a certain day in a certain country. And the system of product advertising depends on the weather required by the customer.

Our team utilized various libraries to work with social networks, animations, and images. The data exchange was mostly implemented through REST. In the work, we used different API services, such as weather forecasts and country codes. All server requests are processed through HTTPS.

The user can register or sign in to the application using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Apple ID. Firebase Cloud Messaging allows admins to send push notifications across platforms for free.


  • For the development of the back-end part, we adopted the following stack:
  • Java 8,
  • Spring (Boot, JPA, Security),
  • AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS PostgreSQL),
  • Firebase


  • The iOS application was developed in Swift. Also, we used the following libraries:
  • Firebase,
  • Moya,
  • ObjectMapper,
  • Reachability Swift,
  • FBSDKLoginKit,
  • FBSDKShareKit,
  • Swifter,
  • AVPlayer Overlay,
  • SDWebImage,
  • Lottie-ios.


The front-end part has been developed on React, react-admin framework, and material-UI library.


As a result, the customer received the MVP iOS application, the admin panel, and the back-end component.


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