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Home Diet & Fitness Tracker App

Project Overview

The project is a home diet & fitness tracker app that consists of 2 applications: client and admin apps. The client app promises dietary plans that don’t resort to starving or eating only meals made of gruel. You also get simple enough workout routines that don’t require any equipment.

First, you need to download the app and fill out a questionnaire that includes your age, gender, and current activity level. This data will then be run through an algorithm developed by nutritionists and fitness trainers.

As a result, you will receive a unique and one-of-a-kind diet and workout plan. Diet plans will offer you two, three, or four meals for the day, depending on the option you chose. In any case, they adapt to your current nutrient habits. By default, it offers you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In total, all your daily meals (including snacks) should not exceed the daily calorie amount.

The workout section involves a few detailed and thorough workouts. Every step is explained via videos to make it easier for you to execute each move correctly.

If you’re completing your daily goals, you’re slowly reaching your desired weight and body shape.

If the user has a paid subscription, they can view all meals and their recipes and change their meal plan. For convenience, you can make a shopping list, which contains the products that need to be purchased.


Mobile app development company.


Health & Fitness.


The customer entrusted us with detecting and fixing bugs. The main issues we found were related to loading and displaying workout exercises, counting steps, tracking fluid intake, and data synchronization.

Also, we were challenged to improve the app with new functionality. Our task was to include a shopping list for a user with a subscription, and an Apphud service for tracking subscriptions. The list should have two viewing modes: by dish and by ingredient. The user should be able to replace or delete a dish from the shopping list and meal plan.

Development Process

The app has been written in Swift. For the development of the back-end part, we adopted Firebase.  Firebase console directly interacts with back-end services. Therefore, there is no need to establish any connection between the app and the service.

To manage auto-renewable subscriptions and integrate, analyze and improve in-app purchases in the app, we adopted Apphud SDK, a lightweight open-source library.


Nowadays, over 2 million people use the app to achieve or retain a great shape. The application provides access to a database of 1,400 exercises + HD video tutorials and 100 workouts in all categories.


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