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Interactive Crime Novel

Project Overview

This project is a fully interactive crime novel game, where the player has to solve countless mysteries and experience an adventure in the authentic atmosphere of the time. The game story is set in one of the most beautiful European villages. While analyzing the incident, the player solves mind-boggling puzzles, finds hidden objects, and interacts with characters to discover which one of them is the twisted killer.

The main storyline is linear, but there are many parts, such as mini-games, scenes with hidden objects, and more.

Game features:

  • Interactive gameplay with unexpected twists and turns
  • Characters with mystery personalities and dark secrets
  • Rich graphics with stunning animations and beautifully illustrated comics
  • Hidden Object gameplay, which allows you to explore each picturesque location and experience an atmosphere
  • Authentic music, sound effects, and fully voiced characters
  • Built-in Strategy Guide
  • Lots of unique achievements to get


Game dev company.


Game development.


The project had numerous non-standard tasks. Two chapters of the game had already been realized, so it was required to implement the third one. Therefore, it was important to preserve the functionality of the previous chapters, as all the chapters had to have elements based on a common logic.

Development Process

The project was created on the Unity game engine using the C# language. We developed a unique design for the entire game and added gameplay mechanics for maximum player engagement. We adopted the approach of creating the core game logic by using external documents. These documents are converted into runnable scripts and form a complete game.

We also utilized the following technologies and tools:

  • Asset Bundles,
  • Animators,
  • WebGL Templates,
  • Moulinator,
  • XML Formatter,
  • NGUI,
  • SCORM.


As a result, the customer got an exciting detective story game that was rated 4.5 stars on Google Play and was downloaded 60,000+ times.


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