Insurance company’s website

Insurance company’s website

The project involves creation of insurance company’s website. The website allows customers to look through the company’s services, calculate the insurance cost, create offers and download pdf-documents.

The website controls access to certain areas and features of the site through Access Control Level mechanism called groups. Certain groups have certain access level features and they are directly related to the creation, editing and publishing of content (through the Frontend and Backend interfaces) as well as to access to the Administrative (Backend) interface.

Insurance company’s website

Administrators are responsible for maintenance and control over other users and processes of the system like creating/editing users, changing tenants/offices/networks properties, looking through and distributing notifications, managing pdf-certificates, changing settings and more.

The website is available in English and German. For full localization, we have used an internationalization library ng2-translate and i18n for Angular. It integrates translations for a content in different languages and allows to switch between them easily. UI is implemented with Ng-bootstrap.

Technologies used: Angular 4, Yarn, jhipster, Bootstrap, Angular powered bootstrap, swagger, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, RxJs.

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