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All-in Fitness is a fitness tracker application designed to track, take measurements, analyze and motivate the user.

Our challenge was to develop an all-in-one fitness app to complement the training of fitness enthusiasts at any level.

All-in Fitness app analyses users’ fitness activity and measures their progress. Having analyzed the data, the digital trainer creates a plan to increase activity goals. The application trains the user like a personal coach would during running, jogging, power walking, and training programs. Besides their heart rate, All-in Fitness also records users’ run distance, time, number of stairs climbed and jogging pace.

Application’s fitness tracker is a simple way of turning smartphone into a wearable fitness gadget. It uses GPS to track users’ movements and then creates a neat, analytical data timeline, monitors users’ physical activity and keeps track of their cardio exercise statistics. The fitness tracker helps users to define and reach their fitness goals. It gives users valuable insight into the efficiency of their cardio training with the number of calories burnt and measures other sports activities that require time tracking.

Nowadays, over 8 million people use the All-in Fitness app to achieve or retain a great shape. The application grants access to a database of 1,200 Exercises + HD video tutorials, 300 yoga asanas, and 100 workouts in all categories. All-in-Fitness features a calorie counter, a BMI calculator, and it also measures speed, distance, and calorie loss for any given training. For people who like to compete, share their results, and compare their progress with others, there is a chance to publish all of their successes and failures to social media. Fit&Share is a motivational online social network community for the All-in-Fitness app that helps users check on their goals, challenge themselves, and compete with the goals of their friends, colleagues and other users.

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