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Energy Management System

Project Overview

This project is an energy management tool designed to keep track of the energy efficiency of any facility or space. This tool is optimized to run on all platforms. It provides you with facilities data: total number and floor space, energy consumption, and movement of funds. The information is presented as charts, task milestones, calendars, etc.

Also, you can receive information on each individual building: the evaluation or facility and utility benchmarks.

You can check statistics on events affecting energy consumption and a comparison with industry and regional averages. This statistic of events has been grouped by type and information on various equipment. When clicking on events, a modal window with information is shown. You can reach the customer’s system and export the main page to PDF.


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Industrial Services


We were challenged to develop a system for monitoring the energy efficiency of operational buildings.

Development Process

The project was created on .Net 5, Angular 11, Angular Material, MS SQL, Azure pipeline.


The project was completed on time and strictly within budget.

As a result, the customer received a turnkey solution to monitor the energy efficiency of operation buildings, analyze the cost of energy and units of electricity or gas.

This also helped increase employees’ efficiency and save operation time by 28 %.  Moreover, the company has successfully increased its clients’ trust and loyalty.


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