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MSQRD’s success story from an insider

21.04.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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MSQRD’s success story from an insider

Many of you already know that Facebook acquired #MSQRD to integrate in Facebook LIVE.

MSQRD – a  mobile app which replaces faces with interactive masks in real-time.

The success of MSQRD was so fast that everybody speaks about it.

The app was released in December and the company was bought by Facebook in March.

This is the 1st such precedent in the whole IT history.

Correct me if I am wrong that you know any other company acquired so soon after its appearance?

It is like bringing your opponent down in the 1st round within 30secs time in MMA.

Here comes an insider’s story

Yury Gurski is one of the most successful IT entrepreneurs in Belarus in the beginning of his career was writing books on “Tips and tricks in Photoshop”.

His brother followed the example and decided to write some IT books.

One of those books was “Learning Action Script”.

At that time in the beginning of 2000s, a small pupil, the future founder of MSQRD got that book from his elder brother and became interested in graphics programming.

And 15years laters Dmitry and Yury Gursky were the mentors of this Sergey Gonchar (one of the founders of MSQRD).

This is the real example of “what you seed is what you get”

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