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Telehealth Software Development Services

Discover cutting-edge telehealth solutions tailored to your needs. We offer innovative telehealth & telemedicine software development services for hospitals, healthcare providers, and other medical institutions. Solutions we create are interoperable, compliant, and secure.
  • Strong Expertise in Healthcare
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Compliant with HL7, HIPAA, FDA, and EPCS standards
  • Implementation and Support
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Top Telehealth Software Development Company

As a top-rated Telehealth Software Development Company, we help healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties achieve streamlined operations, improved patient care, and enhanced data security. using technology. We have completed more than 15 projects for various organizations and have extensive experience in how to develop a unique quality Telehealth Software for your company, adapting to your goals and capabilities. We have:

  • 7+ Years In Telehealth Software Development
  • 15+ Completed Projects
  • 45+ Professional Telehealth Software Developers
  • 10+ Satisfied Clients
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Our Custom Telehealth Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at transforming your workflow, and we also can get to work at any stage of a project. Our main services include:

  • Telehealth & Telemedicine Development Consulting
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile Telehealth & Telemedicine Development
  • Development in accordance with HL7, HIPAA, FDA, and EPCS standards
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Maintenance and Support

Doctor Booking And Telemedicine App

The project is an app that allows users to easily connect with doctors by booking doctor appointments, online doctor consultations and storing detailed digital medical records. Moreover, patients can get quick consultation with the video call feature. This app helps not only patients, but it allows clinical care staff to virtually coordinate with patients while reducing administrative burden. The client received an app that automated the work of the medical institution and allowed physicians to focus on improving the quality of health care, rather than on routine tasks.

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Medical Services App

At the request of a US-based private orthopedic clinic, we developed a specialized telemedicine app for streamlined follow-up visits. Our tailored mobile app enables patients to conveniently schedule appointments with orthopedic specialists, providing access to their appointment history and the ability to monitor musculoskeletal health indicators over time. With in-app appointment scheduling and notifications, the platform simplifies the process for both patients and specialists. The result is improved patient engagement and a more efficient follow-up appointment process, enhancing satisfaction and operational efficiency for our client.

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Telemedicine Imaging Solution

This telemedicine application, compliant with healthcare regulations, offers a powerful tool for patients and physicians to communicate and share visual health information. Equipped with computer vision technology, it surpasses human visual capabilities, enabling users to capture and exchange photos, videos, and messages. The application has significantly reduced diagnosis time, improved triage accuracy, minimized non-urgent follow-up visits, and optimized healthcare resource allocation. The client, a US-based healthcare startup, now provides an award-winning telemedicine platform, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of medical care

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Telemedicine Platform for Mental Healthcare Provider

We partnered with a renowned mental health clinic to revolutionize service delivery through innovative technology. Their aim was to streamline appointment bookings, enhance patient engagement, and optimize diagnostic accuracy. Our solution is a comprehensive platform for both patients and specialists. We integrated appointment management features, symptom pattern detection and monitoring, audio/video conferencing with professionals, and a medication tracker with reminders. By optimizing care delivery, we ensured seamless coordination between clinicians and patients. According to our client's feedback, the results have been remarkable: improved patient satisfaction, well-established information exchange between a provider and a patient, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced overall operational efficiency

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Practice Management Software with Telehealth Module

In collaboration with a leading San Francisco-based multispecialty clinic, we responded to their need for a tailored solution to address operational challenges and leverage telehealth. The clinic grappled with appointment mismanagement, inconsistent patient interactions, and a desire to extend healthcare accessibility. We solved these issues by developing a customized Practice Management Software integrated with telehealth capabilities. The platform centralizes appointments, streamlines patient registration, and offers a robust telehealth experience for both doctors and patients. The primary goal is to optimize clinic operations, simplify appointment management, and provide more accessible healthcare. Following implementation, the clinic reported a significant reduction in patient no-shows, improved operational efficiency, and achieved heightened patient satisfaction, resulting in a more effective healthcare delivery process.

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