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Logistics Management Software Development Services

Unlock the limitless capabilities of your logistics operations with bespoke Logistics Management Software (LMS). We are dedicated to crafting cutting-edge software that revolutionizes logistics workflows, leading to decreased expenses, enhanced labor management, and strengthened ties with customers and suppliers. Leveraging our profound understanding of logistics management, we design software solutions uniquely tailored to address the specific needs and hurdles of your organization.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Visibility of Shipments.
  • Automated Warehouse Management.
  • Intelligent Routing and Route Optimization.
  • Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking.
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics.
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Top Logistics Management Software Development Company

As a top-rated Logistics Management Software Development Company, we help businesses streamline operations, optimize supply chains, and enhance overall efficiency using technology. We have completed more than 35 projects for various organizations and have extensive experience in how to develop a unique quality Logistics Management Software for your company, adapting to your goals and capabilities. We have:

  • 7+ Years In Logistics Management Software Development
  • 35+ Completed Projects
  • 45+ Professional Logistics Management Software Developers
  • 30+ Satisfied Clients
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Our Custom Logistics Management Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at transforming your workflow, and we also can get to work at any stage of a project. Our main services include:

  • Logistics Management Software Development Consulting
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile Development for Logistics Management
  • LMS Development from Scratch and Modernization of Existing Solutions
  • Logistics Management System Maintenance and Support

Solutions We Create

Freight Management
The freight management system we developing simplifies carrier selection based on criteria like rates, transit times, performance, and SLAs. It handles freight rates, carrier negotiation, rate databases, and automated calculations. You can book shipments, generate shipping documents, and manage paperwork electronically. Track shipments in real-time. Audit carrier invoices, verify rates, and automate payments. Utilize reporting and analytics for transportation insights and cost analysis.
Logistics Route Optimization
We create software that allows you to generate optimized routes for multiple vehicles taking into account various constraints such as delivery time windows, vehicle capacity, distance, traffic and weather conditions, customer preferences, etc. You can manage and allocate resources such as vehicles, drivers and delivery personnel based on optimized routes. Generate reports to analyze KPIs, track delivery performance and identify areas for improvement.
WMS we developing allows you to create and send purchase orders to suppliers, add products to orders using barcodes or RFID trackers. Optimize receiving and putaway of goods by getting recommendations on storage locations. Track product location and control stock levels across multiple warehouses. Integrate WMS with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces for streamlined sales orders. Calculate efficient routes for picking multiple products. Calculate shipping rates and track parcel status. Automate returns process and send invoices to customers. Monitor KPIs and sales performance. Create forecasts to plan inventory demand.
Fleet Management
Our developers build fleet management software that performs various functions including GPS-based tracking, vehicle maintenance task planning, fuel consumption tracking, driver performance monitoring, generating reports, analyzing fleet performance, managing documentation, and integrating with other systems.
Logistics Apps
We develop customized Android/iOS logistics mobile apps, that allow your employees to manage work processes from anywhere. Drivers can get assignments, navigation, and capture signatures. Warehouse staff can look up inventory, and manage shipping. Picking apps helps optimize routes. Managers get the opportunity to track deliveries/assets from different points. Fleet managers can monitor vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and fuel usage remotely. Apps integrate with other solutions for seamless data exchange. Our custom logistics apps streamline operations, improve visibility, and boost productivity by leveraging mobile/location technologies.
And other solutions.

Logistics Management Software (LMS) Development

Our client, a large logistics company, provides comprehensive logistics services to clients from various industries. To enhance their operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, the customer decided to invest in a custom logistics management system. After a thorough analysis of requirements and challenges, we proposed a comprehensive logistics management software solution. This comprised the following modules: freight management which enabled customer to manage and track freight throughout the logistics process; logistics route optimization which utilized advanced algorithms to generate the most efficient routes for deliveries; warehouse management provided tools for effective inventory management, order fulfillment, and warehouse operations. fleet management included features such as vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, fuel management, and driver assignment. The system also provided powerful analytics tools to explore different areas of company workflows. With the successful implementation of the software, customer gained a competitive advantage in the industry and positioned themselves as a reliable and efficient logistics provider.

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Freight Management Software (FMS) Development

A logistics company approached us to create comprehensive software to optimize freight management processes. Following the customer's request, we designed a custom software that addressed his needs. The key solutions and features of the FMS included: a shipment management solution that allowed to management of all shipment-related information, including order creation, tracking, and documentation; integration with GPS and IoT technologies that enabled real-time tracking of shipments, providing accurate information on their location, status, and estimated arrival times; carrier management solution that provided comprehensive carrier database, automated carrier selection based on predefined criteria, and performance monitoring; document management feature offered a secure document repository for storing and managing freight-related documents, including bills of lading, customs documentation, and invoices; powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, enabled customer to gain valuable insights into their freight transportation operations. The development of custom FMS enabled to overcome customer's operational challenges and achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer service, and cost savings.

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Warehouse Management System Development for a Large eCommerce Retailer

The client operated multiple warehouses across different locations. With a rapidly growing business, they faced challenges in managing inventory, tracking stock movements, and fulfilling customer orders efficiently. They sought a robust software solution to streamline their warehouse operations and enhance their supply chain management. After careful work by our team, we have developed a multi-functional WMS. It includes inventory management features that enable real-time tracking of inventory levels, locations and movements. The system also automates and optimizes stock replenishment. The order management module has enabled efficient order processing, picking, packing and shipping. Integration with transportation carriers allowed for the creation and tracking of labels. The solution also included the ability to create customizable reports and dashboards for real-time information, analyze KPIs to assess warehouse performance, and historical data to identify trends and forecasting. The system was also integrated with the client's ERP for seamless data exchange. The WMS we developed played a key role in transforming the client's supply chain, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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Development of a Labor Management Module for a Warehouse Management System

A logistics company faced challenges in managing its workforce, resulting in inefficiencies, rising costs, and limited visibility into labor metrics. They needed a software solution to optimize labor management We developed a comprehensive system that included all necessary functions. The labor planning function involved creating optimized schedules based on workload, order volume, and employee availability, accounting for shift patterns and labor regulations. Real-time tracking of employee productivity, accuracy, and performance metrics provided insights into individual and team performance. Task management features allowed task assignment and prioritization, enabling managers to track progress and make necessary adjustments. Reporting and analytics tools enabled customizable analytical dashboards with labor KPIs such as labor utilization, productivity trends, and cost analysis. Seamless integration with the existing WMS facilitated data synchronization, real-time updates, and a unified view of warehouse operations. The solution helped optimize the client's labor resources, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.

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Fleet Management Software Development

Our experience includes developing fleet management software. Our team of developers worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and workflows, and developed a customized solution to optimize operations, increase safety, and minimize costs. It includes key features such as real-time GPS tracking, fleet asset tracking, vehicle lifecycle management, reporting, fuel management system, and maintenance planning. We conducted a thorough analysis of existing solutions on the market and identified their shortcomings. Then we started creating innovative functional capabilities that would meet our client's needs. As a result, our development allowed the client to significantly increase the efficiency of their workflows, reduce costs, improve customer service quality, and enhance safety. Our team has extensive experience in developing specialized fleet management systems for businesses in various industries, including transportation, logistics, and service. If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop custom software solutions for your business, consider us.

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