Why Belarus software developers are so talented?

21.04.2016Pavel Сherniavskiy
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Probably you haven’t heard a lot about Belarus.That’s because it didn’t exist untill 1991 when it became independent from USSR.The talent of Belarus developers is getting more world known due to some “hits” like: World of Tanks, #MSQRD, Viber, EPAM and Maps.me.World of Tanks – one of the most popular and most profitable games in the World, which settled Guiness record.
  • #MSQRD – the mobile app recently acquired by Facebook
  • Viber – a popular messenger (more known in Eastern Europe and Japan – was bought by Rakuten)
  • EPAM – The 1st company which came to IPO from Eastern Europe
  • Maps.me – #1 mobile app for OpenStreetMap which allows now to edit the map from the mobile phone and now it is #3 popular map application in World.
The following brands have their R&D centers in Belarus:* HTC * IHS (an American public company, NYSE: IHS, est in 1959) * Playtika * FitBit * YandexHere is a short list of reasons why belarus software development ecosystem has so many talented developers:* Belarus produced computers for the whole USSR * It was an final point in assembly line for many engineering plants * The country had many engineers and “software developers” since 1960-s * Many books on computer science were printed here * The country has 9 universities which produce round 16000 ICT specialits every year.As for our company:– One of the owners was the winner of International Programming Olympiads – Some of the software engineers working in the company also took part in Programming OlympiadsAll that helps us to deliver the best quality software for our customers.PS: The man on the photo is Vitaly Voronko (musician from Belarus), who made an amazing impression on “UK got talent”.
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