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Why Belarus software developers are so talented?

21.04.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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Why Belarus software developers are so talented?

Probably you haven’t heard a lot about Belarus.

That’s because it didn’t exist untill 1991 when it became independent from USSR.

The talent of Belarus developers is getting more world known due to some “hits” like: World of Tanks, #MSQRD, Viber, EPAM and Maps.me.

World of Tanks – one of the most popular and most profitable games in the World, which settled Guiness record.

  • #MSQRD – the mobile app recently acquired by Facebook
  • Viber – a popular messenger (more known in Eastern Europe and Japan – was bought by Rakuten)
  • EPAM – The 1st company which came to IPO from Eastern Europe
  • Maps.me – #1 mobile app for OpenStreetMap which allows now to edit the map from the mobile phone and now it is #3 popular map application in World.

The following brands have their R&D centers in Belarus:

* IHS (an American public company, NYSE: IHS, est in 1959)
* Playtika
* FitBit
* Yandex

Here is a short list of reasons why belarus software development ecosystem has so many talented developers:

* Belarus produced computers for the whole USSR
* It was an final point in assembly line for many engineering plants
* The country had many engineers and “software developers” since 1960-s
* Many books on computer science were printed here
* The country has 9 universities which produce round 16000 ICT specialits every year.

As for our company:

– One of the owners was the winner of International Programming Olympiads
– Some of the software engineers working in the company also took part in Programming Olympiads

All that helps us to deliver the best quality software for our customers.

PS: The man on the photo is Vitaly Voronko (musician from Belarus), who made an amazing impression on “UK got talent”.

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