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VR-game by VironIT at Tibo-2017 was played by 400 persons, and the only 10-year-old boy won

28.04.2017 Margaret Geras
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VR-game by VironIT at Tibo-2017 was played by 400 persons, and the only 10-year-old boy won

From April 18 to 21, 2017, VironIT took part in the 24th International Specialized Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies Tibo-2017. Specifically for this event, the Unity developer made a Virtual Reality game. In the exhibition area of High-Tech Park, equipped with LCD TV and HTC Vive VR helmet with two joysticks, we offered everyone to play our game and plunge into Virtual Reality. According to our calculations, 400 persons took part in the game in total – about 12 players per hour.

Our small thing developed for a large event

The game presents a virtual field, where you need to shoot from the bow in the skeletons. Two joysticks imitate the weapon: one for a bow and another for an arrow. New sensor technologies of virtual games allow you to feel literally how the string is being stretched.

Our Unity developer Artem assembled the game. Material libraries were used as a source. The game consists of 8 different models of skeletons that appear every 4 seconds in batches. During the game, they appear more and more frequently, so that, in fact, the player can win the round only by mastering the skill of teleporting and fighting, and you can do it many times only after losing. The whole round lasts 5 minutes, but only the chosen one will be able to withstand and sustain the stream of attacking skeletons.

At the Tibo-2017 exhibition, a 10-year-old boy got an upper hand in the game, making a record number of dead enemies – 106 skeletons for 3 minutes. The secret of his victory is incredibly simple: he is short as a child. The fact is that the skeletons’ attack strategy programmed in such way that they strike to head, shoulders and stomach. However, the height of the strikes was calculated just for adult people, therefore, the child having a half of adult person’s height did not receive these strokes and coped with each skeleton surreptitiously. The record of 106 killed enemies for other adults was unrealizable –basically, they left the game with a result of 30-40 and were very surprised to know that the number of 106 made a small child.

The programming consisted mainly of prescribing the behavioural scenarios of attacking skeletons: emergence, movement, different types of attacks (intervals and speed were calculated for each skeleton). It is also consisted in prescribing the Kinect joystick scripts when the player acts himself: emerging arrows, arsoning arrows, firing an enemy with an arrow, moving the character with teleportation, and vibrating the joysticks while doing anything. When the models and scripts were prepared, the programmer adjusted the animator controller to set all this in motion. The build for Steam software was written at the stage of post-processing. Artem spent 2 weeks for the whole development process.

How Unity developers come

Literally after the exhibition, the portal onliner.by wrote about our programmer who developed the game. Artem told a story about why he decided to do programming:

“Before I became a programmer, I was professionally engaged in cycling. I received the title of sports master of international class, became a two-time champion of Belarus. I already played for the French team and hoped to sign a contract with France in the future, but problems with the back completely stopped this way.

Therefore, he studied programming languages – including the Unity3D engine – and it was surprisingly fascinating and complex. As in sport, I built a “skeleton” gradually, increased “meat” on it, went to a definite and understandable result.

I saw clear parallels between IT and sport. In sport, coming every day for pieces of training, you have a centimetre, a micron to approach the goal, adding strength to yourself, confidence in achieving the result. The same is for IT – you always see where to improve. It depends on your competence and diligence. Sitting and receiving a salary, just having a kit of knowledge, is impossible in IT. Speaking in sports language, you will get off the race or you will be disqualified very soon.”


VironIT company is proud of its employees and their success, and we are glad that we have people who are striving to achieve personal results, to go forward, despite everything, in spite of the circumstances – to go and win. We are glad that Artem is in our team.

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