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Virtual Reality in Web Development

24.08.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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Virtual Reality in Web Development

Virtual reality (VR) is a maturing trend in the world of high technology in general and web development in particular. International corporations such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, Valve are producing innovative products based on VR which is extremely sought-after in video game development.

The vendors of websites nowadays are only trying to apply single elements of virtual reality technology. To use it fully as it is implemented in the sphere of game development right now is impossible. The following reasons could explain this:

   – the VR method is very costly;

  – not every device can display the required elements.

The popularity of VR in video games is explained by a given opportunity to plunge into the different reality completely, to be a part of this world.

Video game development process

It is a complicated process that involves several stages. The first level is a game design and development which consists of the following steps:

  • Design (the generation of the idea, genre, game code).
  • Creativity (game mechanics settings, objects arrangement, formation animation, special effects, registration of dialogues and sound effects).
  • Publication (the reduction of material, bugs fixing, advertising, localization, sales scheme, the release of patches and add-on).

The second level is the selection of the funding source. Once, the design document is established, the decision of funding is being made. It takes up to 36 months to develop a high-quality VR game.


Many vendors use VR concept in creating a quality product. The most popular game genres to use VR technology are:

  • fighting;
  • adventure game;
  • mind-breaker;
  • strategy;
  • role playing game;
  • music game;
  • simulation.

Top 10 list of sought-after video games

  1. WarThunder is one of the best flight simulation video products ever known. It is characterized by credible management and a researched game process.
  2. Project CARS is close to the technological excellence. It has a well-done speaker system, which allows different events even having your eyes closed. Many unusual situations that may happen during the race are modeled.
  3. Senza Peso has extraordinary and picturesque views, and the most modern elements of graphic design are implemented.
  4. GTA 5 is extremely popular in play world. In addition to the main part of the game (driving a car at high speed), it is possible to do a variety of other things. For example, to ride a jet ski, play tennis, do yoga, jump with a parachute.
  5. Affected. At present, it is the best horror when you are walking through dark areas of the hospital and occasionally get in all sorts of unexpected and terrible situations. Find a solution and survive.
  6. Baskhead is the simulation of which you have to catch basketballs with the help of the ring. There are several modes of this game. You have a possibility to practice to get the best result during the limited time.
  7. Jungle Dino is an educational game where one has to explore the ancient world filled with dinosaurs.
  8. I Expect You To Die is a thrilling, disturbing and at the same time dramatic play produced at the request of Oculus Rift. The idea is that you are an agent, and you are on a mysterious mission.
  9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a relatively new game, and it’s ideal to be played by two people at once.
  10. ZVR Apocalypse is all about hungry dead zombies attacking you. You have to survive and go to the next level using all available tools.

IHS Technology calculated that each year the market volume of VR games is increasing by 15%. The most growing market is located in the USA accounting almost 50% of total amount.

The largest market in the sphere of virtual reality game development is made up by the following companies: Insomniac Games, Thotwise, Harmonix, Gunfire Games, Otherworld Interactive, Ubisoft, Carbon Games and others.


The progress isn’t at a stop. Annually the versions of new plays with better technological solutions are produced. Here is the list of games which are in development: Project Phoenix (real-time strategy, role-playing genres), Psychonauts 2 (platform type), Untitled Star Wars game created by Visceral Games (action-adventure genre). In the coming year, it is planned the release of the products mentioned above.

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