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VironIT Supported The First Belarusian Round-The-World Flight

21.08.2018 Daria Mickiewicz
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VironIT Supported The First Belarusian Round-The-World Flight

Saturday, August 18, 2018 – Alexander Tsenter, the founder and owner of A-100 group of companies, and Andrey Borisevich, the head of SkyEagle Aviation Academy (USA), have kicked off the first Belarusian round-the-world flight on the tiny Cessna182T plane.

This flight is expected to take about 100 hours in the air for a month. It includes several areas of extreme weather and terrain, 10 countries and more than 40 takeoffs and landings.

The project was supported by well-known Belarusian companies like Avia A-100, the Belarusian Federation of Air Sports, and the software development company VironIT.

The VironIT company co-owners, Maxim Osipau and Alexey Grakov like the project idea. There are 230 round-the-world journeys on single-engine planes listed on the round-the-world trips registry, but no Belarusian have done it before.


This flight will represent Belarus in the international aviation community and invite the whole world to visit our country.

For VironIT this is an opportunity to help implement another bright idea. It is an honor for our company to become a partner for such a project.

Traveling across the Atlantic, Alaska and Chukotka in a light single-engine plane is a huge risk with stringent requirements on the aircraft and the crew. But we believe in pilots and hope everything will be fine.


For us, the project success is that the pilots returned home safely. We will follow the live broadcasts of the flight and share positive emotions with the crew.

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