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VironIT got in Top 15 software development companies from Belarus, rated by Clutch.co

06.04.2017 Margaret Geras
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VironIT got in Top 15 software development companies from Belarus, rated by Clutch.co

Belarus has become a hotspot for programming. Exciting new startups and projects are originating in the country, as well as numerous successful products being created, at least in part, by Belarusians. These include such well-known services as Viber, Uber, Maps me, MSQRD and others. Today, Belarus is the focus of the USA, the UK, Norway, Australia, Sweden and many other developed countries of Europe, when it comes to searching for executors to get on board with current projects, or developing projects from scratch.

The tangible demand for Belarusian talent was demonstrated a few days ago when B2B exploring firm Clutch.co released its findings on the best software development companies. Hundreds of companies from Belarus were considered during the research process. As Clutch.co notes, at first, 25 best developers were featured, but then the rankings were tapered to 15. The main criteria for selection involved more than 10 qualitative and quantitative indexes, including tech experience, highly competitive industry indicators and proven feedback from their clients.


Based on Clutch’s research published here

Clutch analysts examined vendors’ cases and conducted interviews with current and past clients of the participants. Such an undertaking allows business efficiency to be comprehensively assessed, helping customers to understand the proficiencies of companies in the marketplace. Joshua Margolin, the Principal Analyst at Clutch, described the situation as follows: “Things have improved noticeably during the last decade or two for tech suppliers in Belarus. The National emphasis on STEM education, thoughtful economic development programs, and a commitment to superior customer service, are what seem to be responsible for their booming tech industry.”

VironIT’s assessment

So, how did VironIT fare? Our company gained 13th place in the ranking and received the mark 24.6. Clutch rated us according to several parameters including reviews, market presence, clients and experience, and service focus.  

We always make sure that the client is our number one focus, and strive for their satisfaction with both the development process and its result. After collaborating with clients, we usually asked them to leave a short review about our work, which they sometimes add themselves on Clutch.


Based on Clutch’s research published here

VironIT has been around since 2004 but first appeared on Clutch in 2016. An average review score is 4.6. This year, we’ve just achieved a place in the Clutch’s top 50 as a Top Software Development Company from Belarus, and our latest inclusion in top 15 list is something we’re extremely proud of. We won’t stop here, watch this space!

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