Cocos2d-x Game Development Services

Cocos game engine is used by our developers as a cross-platform game development tool. We use Cocos2d-x, making games for mobile and PC.


What software on Cocos2dx we create


Rapid prototyping

With Cocos2d-x we can quickly build an app which can be used in multi-platform environment. That is very useful in case you want to get a quick proof-of-concept.




Open source game development

Cocos2D-x is an open source game engine under MIT license. Compared to commercial Unity3D or Unreal Engine it is lightweight and robust. It is chosen by both small and big companies. In the process of delivering Cocos2d-x game development services, VironIT also uses this model. Many games built with Cocos2D-x occupied Top Grossing charts in AppStore or Google Play. Cocos2D-x has great built-in physics support, which makes it easier to build complicated animation seamlessly.



Cross-platform rich GUI applications

Due to its cross-platform nature Cocos2D-x enables a business to get reliable and easy to use rich GUI desktop applications. Thanks to the great support of various network protocols (HTTP with SSL, WebSocket API, XMLHttpRequest API) it can be used on an enterprise level with high-security requirements.


Project manager leading Cocos2d-x technology


Anatoly Greben

Experience: 6 years

Related specializations:

mobile development, web development, game development (PHP, Symfony, ZEND, YII,  iOS, Android, Xamarin, Unity 3D, Cocos 2dx, C/C++, C#, Python)

Managed teams up to: 20 persons

English level: Upper-Intermediate

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Sample of the code

The function of formatting strings inserts the required parameters in a text template. For example, there is a text for different localizations (language versions), and there are mutable parameters inside the text. These parameters are in different places of the text and, depending on the location, the place for inserting the parameter can be different. The function gives the ability to insert the desired data into the right place.



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