VironIT offers a wide variety of collaboration models depending on the project complexity and on the requirements of the customer: “Dedicated team”; “Time and Material”.

«Dedicated Team»

According to this model, VironIT provides a team of professionals to deal with the development project of the customer.

This collaboration model is ideal when for some reason the customer needs additional staff, but only for a limited period of time and for solving specific tasks.

This model has the following advantages:

  1. reduction of material costs and saving time required to recruit staff;
  2. individualized selection of specialists possessing the necessary competence, technical skills and experience;
  3. payment for hours worked according to the agreed hourly rates;
  4. adjusting the number of team members through engaging or dismissing specialists on pre-agreed terms;
  5. the customer determines the team workload and has complete control over its activities.

«Time and Material»

«Time and Material» This model is applicable in cases, when there are no clear requirements for the project and we have to be guided by the constant changes and additions from the customer.

Following this model, the customer pays for hours actually worked, according to the pre-agreed hourly rates for the development of a software product with specific functional.

Advantages of the Time and Material model:

  1. determination of requirements depending on the budget;
  2. work of the development team is focused on solving the project tasks (suggestions for improvement of the project, introducing changes in view of possible difficulties, etc.), instead of being guided by the principle of “working according to the specification”, regardless of possible flaws and omissions;
  3. use of modern technologies for time recording and control;
  4. regular comprehensive progress reports.


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