World Famous

World Famous

World Famous is an idle, clicker game, with the difference of using swipes instead of clicks. The player acts as a beginner DJ and strives to earn as many fans as possible.

The player must swipe to rotate the record and generate yourself in-game money, which could be spent later on various improvements and perks.

The game offers the following activities:

Casino allows a player to take part in an hourly mini-game, which is essentially a match-3 game. The game uses hexagonal cells instead of square ones, which gives the opportunity to employ 2 additional directions and remove the horizontal line. That way, matches are checked in 3 directions. There were also various modifiers cells (blocks) and several types of bonus items. The idea of this activity is the fact that before the start the player bets all their in-game money and a win could significantly increase their capital. However, if he loses, all his money will be lost.

The Tournament is a week-long monthly activity. The point is that entering this contest, the players start anew (the main progress is saved) and compete with each other to climb as high as possible on the leaderboard to get the maximum reward. The mechanics of this activity is inspired by Taps to Riches, another clicker game revolving around growing a business. But our mechanics have a different concept. There are festivals and a festival’s end goal is to earn as many fans as possible. The more fans there are, the more money the player will carry over to the main game. Also, users can customize and upgrade every festival scene to increase the speed and volume of the production of fans.

The game is designed for mobile platforms using Unity3D.

Used technologies: internal SQLite database to store game parameters, UniRx – Reactive Extensions for Unity

We have used an in-house solution, that helped solve the problem of a large codebase as well as eliminated NullReference and MissingReference errors, that ensured the stability of the application.

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