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Video Content Aggregator App

Project Overview

The project is a video content aggregator application with a convenient search option that combines data from different sources into a single data base. It helps users find any movie, TV show or sporting event from streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+ and more. The service also provides complete pricing information for each option.

The app consists of:

    • Menu bar for better content retrieval,
    • Home page with sections and customization options,
    • All-in-one search features,
    • Playlists,
    • Select section for customization
    • and more.


UK-based software publishing company.




The streaming video market is overcrowded with content providers offering their own customized applications. As a result, users have to browse through many sources to find relevant content. This process becomes tricky and time-consuming.

That’s why the client entrusted us with the development of an application that should simplify the process of finding video content. We had to create a solution that combines content from different streaming services in one place so that users could find a specific video and identify the platform where it is located.

Tech Stack

The back-end architecture is based on the Java tech stack and JVM-based runtime, while the front-end is based on React. To create a cross-platform mobile app, we utilized React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga, REST API, AWS Amplify, and Cognito. By using a single code base, we have reduced development costs and achieved a high-level quality product.


As a result, we developed the MVP, which allowed the client to obtain the required funding for further investment in developing the beta app, which should be presented to the end-users.


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