Two-Factor Authenticator

The challenge was to create a mobile app to help financial institutions protect their apps.

We have developed an app which enables online users to safely login with their mobile device by using a PIN or the fingerprint recognition (depending on device capabilities). The app has a modern user interface, flexible licensing options and extended support ensure an optimal user experience.

Login support and multiple devices the app supports different login data of a user who has permissions for multiple applications and networks. It also supports multiple devices with a common user license.

The app uses image scanning technology to deliver unprecedented activation speed while providing the highest level of security. In addition, device binding ensures that user data can not be copied to other devices. End users simply scan a QR-like code twice and the activation is complete.

PIN support, device binding and fingerprint recognition provide end-users with maximum security.

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I've been working with VironIT almost a year. We have built together several software solutions and platforms. VironIT performance is unbelievable high. Working with VironIT is easy. I strongly recommend this company.

– Janis Kondrats, CTO at Anatomy Next

I've ordered a small MVP from VironIT and they managed to do it under a tight deadline and with good quality. Now we are building an extended version of our MVP, hope it also be delivered in time.

– Jules MJD Maessen, Founder & Sales at VERO Visuals

We needed to create a proof of concept of a Blockchain-based software for our investor and to speed up the development we placed order at VironIT. We liked the performance and communication level at all steps. I think I’ll get back to you after we’ve get funded. Thanks.

– Denis Tolstashov, CEO at Wimix LLC

Working with their talented iOS professionals is an absolute pleasure. We have an enjoyable time engaging in dialogue to solve complex user experience issues. Consistent communication and pace of delivery a what I appreciate most about working with this group.

– Eric Gardner, Founder & Managing Partner at Baltic Partners