The Pluggd is a full time and on-demand staffing platform for service and event industries.

The Pluggd platform connects employers with staff, matching labour supply and demand on the basis of location, availability, ratings and preference, as well as facilitating secure and guaranteed payment, all within the platform.

It protects both employers and staff from unreliability & exploitation, using a 0-5 star rating system on both sides with transparent feedback.

For on-demand needs, employers will be able to use a ‘left for no, right for yes’ swiping system to express interest in candidate profiles, while the candidates will use the same swiping system to express interest in employers. Once a match is made, the employer can choose from a shortlist of 5 matches to book their preferred candidate in for that shift.


For employers looking to make ongoing or full time hires, they will also be able to use the swiping system to express interest in candidates that they would like to interview for ongoing or full-time vacancies. Candidates will use the same system to express interest in employers, and once a match is made they will have access to in-app messaging and tools to arrange interviews.

Additionally, Pluggd is creating an appreciating reward token that values increases due to the growth of the app, and can be exchanged for local currency or can be spent on food and drinks with hospitality establishments using the app. Tokens will be distributed for user activities that help the app grow, such as filling shifts, hiring available staff, and inviting new users.

Pluggd consists admin panel that allows admins and a super admin to manage users, vacancies, matches and various application settings like industries, available dress codes and more.


It has the following features for:

  • Users: create, edit, view; view posted jobs; view linked devices; send personal notifications and view its history; search users with filters;
  • Job Opening: view, edit opening; send notifications of matches; search vacancies with filters;
  • Dashboard: view users, tickets, job openings and matches statistics (total count and split by periods);
  • Application Settings: create new industries and roles, enable/disable them; create new dress codes, enable/disable them; edit Pluggd points rate; change mobile application latest version.


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