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Mobile operator application

Project Overview

The mobile operator application provides users with information about offers, tips, and alerts via notifications. Users can quickly get to the balance screen from anywhere in the app to review spending and balance history or to make payment.

The app provides information about potential or current issues. Also, it suggests how to resolve them quickly.

The app has a built-in customer support center, which looks and feels like a messaging app. After chatting with a representative, the user can rate their skills to improve the quality of customer service.

To create an account user should take and upload a picture of ID. Then the app will automatically recognize its contents to pre-fill the user’s data.


Mobile broadband services provider and smartphone manufacturer.


Mobile broadband services.


The client approached VironIT to reengineer its mobile app with a focus on improving the overall performance and robustness.

Development Process

Our team has improved the encryption module and the CSR request generator. We have created several new screens and fixed bugs in the old ones. We also fixed bugs in the application logic, performed refactoring, and extended the network layer. During the work, a critical memory leak has been found.

The key challenge was to adopt a custom YARCH architecture pattern.

Tech stack: Swift, SnapKit, CoreAnimation, YAMS.


As a result, we increased app performance and improved poorly written code pieces. The new client setup is now 15 times faster.


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