Platform: iPhone / iPadOne click — and your display shows all the necessary information about the weather conditions at the location where you are at the moment.Thermometer app conducts round the clock surveillance on the weather conditions at the area where you are. You can use it at any time to obtain data on temperature, humidity and wind speed on the street.All information is presented in a stylish and easy to read manner next to specially adapted to weather conditions images. Application is always a pleasure to use, regardless of the weather outside.Weather reports do not always coincide with reality but this app will show the real situation on the street. Thermometer app is the best online thermometer for your mobile device.Weather is often deceptive. The sun is shining and the sky is clear but the cold air might be waiting for you outside. Or on the contrary it is cloudy and overcast in the street but despite this the air is warm and the temperature is comfortable. Humidity and wind also affect the degree of comfort in the street. With the Thermometer app you will always know what clothes to choose and what to expect from the weather outside. Thermometer will save you from weather surprises awaiting you outside.
  • Thermometer can provide information about temperature, humidity, cloudiness and wind speed on the street.
  • The application presents all the data in a convenient and understandable form.
  • Nice design. Ability to change wallpaper.
  • Automatic localization of the user.
  • Displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Weather indicator will provide you with the most accurate data on weather conditions.

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