CaptureProof is a HIPAA-compliant solution for patients and providers to communicate and share pictures and/or videos with the entire team of healthcare professionals.

The challenge was to create a medical app for patients to ask questions to physicians and share photos/videos with their problems.

CaptureProof empowers users with computer vision through the Smart Medical Camera, which shows more than the eye alone can see. Patients and providers can use CaptureProof to capture visual health information and communication through photo, video, chat and PDF. CaptureProof automatically creates a time lapse and comparison of patient’s healing with photos or videos, to be accessed and shared anywhere, anytime.


After that physicians from HIPAA explore the patients’ diseases and gives them responds. Using visual materials doctors can compare current issues they face to and improve their medical practice in general.

The application sets the standard for medical media being the innovative technology that allows patients and physicians to capture, compare, share, search and analyze pertinent media. CaptureProof decouples medical care from time and place, leading to more accurate triage, optimized follow-ups and fewer ER visits.

Tools and technologies used: IOS, MOBILE, OBJECTIVE C

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