Livia is a pharmaceutical application that enables customers to order over-the-counter medical drugs through a network of interconnected pharmacies in Kenya. The application comes in two versions, Livia for chemists and Livia Dawa meant for customers.

Our challenge was to develop a B2C healthcare application that operates like an online store with a delivery service. The project involved the creation of the following features:

  • Livia Dawa (for patients)
  • Livia for pharmacies
  • PHP server application

Livia Dawa

Livia Dawa is designed to be simple to use for anyone with a smartphone. It is location-based almost in the same way as Uber and Pokémon Go are, where the user taps to find the nearest chemist within a 2-kilometer radius. All the user needs to do is to submit a request and nearby chemists will be able to give their quotations. The pharmacy that has the required drug available and at the most reasonable price will be selected. The medication can be purchased via M-Pesa or cash after the customer is notified that the order is ready to collect.

Application for pharmacies

Pharmacies can see all submitted prescriptions and requests for medicines through an application created for them. Here drugstores accept orders and confirm whether a specific medicine is available.

PHP server application

Server application is the core of Livia service that provides a centralized platform necessary for all the client applications to function. Apart from that, the server application is used to administer application settings such as the delivery radius of every pharmacy.

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