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Live Wallpaper App

Project Overview

The project is a live wallpaper application for iOS devices. This app is well organized and contains an extensive library of wallpapers, live wallpapers, and themes. In addition, it is fully optimized for optimal use and contains various features.

The app has two usage options: with and without a subscription. The free version of the app contains a bunch of ads. It’s a little discouraging, but you can always purchase a monthly subscription plan to remove the ads and appreciate the premium live wallpapers and themes.


EU-based software development company.




The client entrusted us with creating a live wallpaper app from scratch.

Development Process

We added multilingual support, connected a payment system, and included an ad module that supports third-party mediation. To save the live wallpaper on the device, we created a native module in Objective-C.

Tech stack:

  • React Native,
  • Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, RemoteConfig),
  • Branch,
  • IronSource,
  • RNIap


As a result, the customer received the ready-to-be-submitted iOS application, the admin panel, and the back-end component.


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