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Issue & Project Tracking App

Project Overview

Issue and project tracking app is a large system’s interface which allows to:
  • Create an unlimited number of projects containing various custom fields;
  • Support an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks, as well as setting up statuses, categories, and priorities of tasks;
  • Add and track paid and unpaid time spent on the project;
  • Create invoices, monitor the project budget, and create the necessary reports.


Software development company.


Project and workflow management.


The challenge was to create an application, which allows one to manage users’ assignments, log time, view messages from their team, post replies, and share files.

Development Process

Work performed
  • Bug fixing;
  • Creation of module displaying the history of messages;
  • Integration with the Delighted service that allows users to rate the application.
Technologies used
  •         Swift
  •         RxSwift
  •         PromiseKit
  •         Alamofire
  •         Eureka
  •         Fabric
  •         Realm


The project was finished in 2 months in line with the requirements.


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