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Oil leakage program

Project Overview

Pipelines are the efficient mode of transportation of fuels for processing plants over long distances. However, many accidents happened because of leakages in pipelines. Also, this can affect the environment or even become the cause of the explosions.

That’s why, automation and control systems are necessary throughout the oil & gas industries, to production and processing plants, and distribution and retailing of petroleum products.

The pipeline runs underground, and there is a protective layer of sand above it, allowing visual inspection for timely identifying where an oil leakage is. But first, you should use a helicopter to explore the territory.

However, our solution is a program that allows one to detect the location more accurately without air expedition. This program is able to detect an oil leak with an accuracy of 2-3 km. This measure is rather exact. Additionally, control of the territory takes significantly less time.

This solution allows one not only to save resources but also protect the environment.

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Novopolotsk Department of Pipeline Transport and Hydraulics.


The Druzhba pipeline is the world’s longest oil pipeline and one of the biggest oil pipeline networks in the world. It carries oil some 4,000 kilometers from Russia to points in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

The length of the oil tube in the Novopolotsk region is about 120 meters, and the diameter is 1 meter. It is challenging to detect leak location or other technical issues visually.

Further, this time-consuming process could negatively affect the ecosystem and even lead to environmental disaster. So, a fast leak location detection allows one to take measures on time and prevent pollution.

So, our client from the Novopolotsk oil pipeline department entrusted us with developing software for timely oil leakage detection and prevention.

Development Process

We developed a program containing several modules.

The first module allows one to receive regular data sampling of the pressure level from the sensors. Our team achieved pressure readings 4 times per second with an accuracy of 1/million mPa. The data, the status of the sensor connection and any errors of the module are stored in the database.

The second module analyzes pressure charts to detect an oil leak. During a leak, the pressure level is going down in the specific pipeline section, but in others sections, there aren’t any changes. The oil leak speed is 1 kilometer per hour. We implemented the module that gathers, analyzes pressure charts, and finds the flaw within the section of the pipe. The program detects this error and saves all the data in the database.

The third module presents a dispatch application displaying pressure charts, oil leak messages, sensors status, and a list of the latest indexes. The program interface allows customizing the panels according to users’ preferences, for example, scaling and doing preferable settings.


As a result, several operators successfully observe the oil pipeline from different devices. In the case of leaks, the program will inform them timely.

Further, this program helps to avoid global environmental pollution.


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