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E-Learning Platform for Kids

Project Overview

The project is an education platform for early children ages 5-11. This platform helps children learn across subjects including biologic, genetic, science, and more. This customized, adaptive curriculum targets your child’s individual needs to further their achievement.

Each student starts with a quick pretest, which determines the best starting point in the curriculum for the student. The algorithm identifies each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses and customizes a learning plan.

Next, the platform provides detailed reporting on children’s performance to parents and educators. It seamlessly adapts to the difficulty of the subject, using data to find and address learning gaps.


A non-profit organization that consists of education, research, and community development entities working.




The client entrusted us with improving the learning process through gamification of the e-learning platform.

Development Process

The project was created on the Unity game engine using the C# language. Also, we adopted Golang, React, AWS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript and PHP.

We restructured 10-years worth of student biology data to serve the app better, as well as be used for machine learning algorithms in the future to create a fully adaptive learning experience.


Our team developed concept art and MVP of the future e-learning platform.  We paid close attention to our client’s business needs and studied the target audience thoroughly to best meet the end clients’ needs. This helped us focus on the scope of features and make sure that all core functionality was implemented in the best possible way.

As a result, we built a stable educational application that meets all the requirements and turns education into real fun. The project was completed on time and strictly within budget.


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