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All-In-One E-commerce Platform

Project Overview

The project is an all-in-one e-commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business. This platform allows you to create various online stores. It includes modules of inventory, creating product cards, order placing, and delivery. The platform allows you to gather statistics on sales and clients and analyze large volumes of data.

You can adopt massive potential by integrating your store with Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. So, you will reach and sell to millions of new shoppers while processing and fulfilling orders from a single account. Also, you can move, control, and borrow money with Stripe’s APIs and financial services connected to the platform.

The platform was originally developed for the European market. But today, the client plans to expand cooperation with organizations in other countries.  At the moment, the app supports German and English languages.


EU-based software development company.


E-commerce, B2B.


The customer complained about the slow loading of their website and entrusted our team with testing the system performance. One of the most crucial challenges was front-end performance testing.

Development Process

The customer was offered to implement automated testing using Postman, but the choice fell on the Cypress.io framework.

First, we rafted project documentation that contained a flowchart and the project architecture. Also, we recorded all the available fields for further validation and prepared a checklist with positive critical paths.

While developing this documentation, functionality was tested with the checklist and automated tests on the Cypress Test Automation Framework.

We used Jenkins with Docker. Since Docker can integrate with tools like Jenkins and GitHub, developers can submit code in GitHub, test the code and automatically trigger a build using Jenkins. Once the image is complete, images can be added to Docker registries.

This streamlines the process, saves time on building and setting up processes. So, developers can run tests and automate them.


The customer received a list of all the bugs found, documentation on input field validation, a flowchart with the application architecture, a manual test report, and a set of more than 50 automated tests.


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