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All-in-one Assessment Platform

Project Overview

This project is a digital education platform that connects teachers, students, and their parents, making the education process more efficient, transparent, and modern. The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This app makes the administrative processes in schools more efficient and the educational process more transparent.

For students, the app is not only an online report card with grades and attendance, but also an e-diary with assignments, and a constantly updated schedule. The platform also serves as an online library, which contains all the study materials.

The app allows teachers to fill out a journal electronically, quickly, and easily add homework and additional learning materials to lessons. It decreases unnecessary paperwork and improves the educational process. They can also receive notifications about changes in the curriculum and keep track of school news.

It provides parents information on their child’s grades, attendance, and homework.


EU-based university




The project involved many challenging and essential tasks. It was necessary to develop a range of functions related to the implementation of uploading and downloading numerous images. Also, there was a challenge to integrate custom authorization and session customization systems.

Tech Stack

To develop a front-end part, we used the Angular 8 framework and Angular Material library.

Two separate APIs and two front-end apps were developed on a common base: one for the client and one for the administrator.

The back-end side is written in .NET Core 3.1 and MS SQL.


The product currently has over 20,000 users, representing more than 450 schools and university programs throughout Europe.


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