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3D cars modelling

Project Overview

A web application that was developed for children and their parents for designing and constructing their own toy car.

The user chooses the car elements and creates his own 3D design of a toy car in a virtual garage. It is possible to turn the model around, from side to side, and zoom in.
The model can be saved in the cart, and as soon as the user purchases the model, it is constructed in reality.

The car elements can be bought separately for the existing toy car in the standard catalog.
After purchasing the toy car, it is possible to take part in offline tournament with other members of the community.

The web app has got the following categories:
-garage, where the toy car is created;
-catalog, with a variety of car elements;
-events, with news, promos, discounts, and videos from the tournaments;
-FAQ, where the admin posts learning videos, instructions, and so on.


A Chinese IT company


Entertainment commerce


The client wanted to develop a web app from scratch.
His requirement was that the users could construct their individual 3D models of toy cars from small 3D car elements.
Developers did a huge job with 3D designing and optimizing the web app in order it would download faster.

Development Process

The developers used the following stack of technologies:
Redux Toolkit
Yup, Sass
React-Three-Fiber (for working with 3D models)


As a result, the developers built a web app, where the user can construct a toy car from selected parts, register for participation in tournaments, buy individual car elements, and watch training videos related to tournaments.
An admin panel was also created to manage the content of the application, which allows CRUD operations with events, news, faqs, videos, and details in the catalog.