Pagespeed insights. 1-second delay can cost $2.5mln/year

We prepared full-cycle article where you can:
    • learn valuable facts about web performance
    • calculate your page speed
    • get page speed insights in case of faster website

Aberdeen Group performed a research on website performance:

Below you can see the key findings from this report. 1_3_инфографика See how page load speed expectations changed since 2009.

Impatient users expecting instant page load:

3_2_инфографика That’s why many companies redesign websites in order to increase conversion rates.

Did you know that mobile users outspend desktop ones by $800 on average?

According to the latest research of Akamai, mobile users spend on average $800 more per year than desktop users. 2_3_инфографика Mobile users increased 2.5 times since 2009 and they are the most engaged audience. They buy more often and participate in e-commerce more frequently. Same time they experience slow site load or non-mobile friendly websites.

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1) Test the speed of your site

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