Agile (Scrum, Extreme Programming, KANBAN, Microsoft Solutions Framrwork etc.) – this type of methodology is ideal for projects with undefined requirements, as well as for situations, when the result must be obtained as soon as possible.

How does Agile methodology work?

At the stage of the determination of project requirements the software functional is identified. Then application functions are selected according to their priority: first the required functional with the highest priority is developed, and after that additional functions. Thus, each stage of software development involves development of a part of the full functional. The customer can assess the quality and productivity of its work and make a decision if any changes or additions should be introduced, and then proceed to the next stage of development.

The main principle of Agile methodology is the complete satisfaction of the requirements and wishes of the customer, due to the orientation on permanent changes and additions from the customer. This methodology has a number of advantages: 

  1. minimization of uncoordinated actions and decisions of the performer;
  2. fast achievement of specific results of the development;
  3. reducing costs of developing detailed technical documentation;
  4. development of specific current requirements, without spending time on developing functional that will be required in the future.


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