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IT vacations at VironIT: Сhildren – the future of IT industry in Belarus

06.01.2017 Margaret Geras
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IT vacations at VironIT: Сhildren – the future of IT industry in Belarus

Recently, a Belarusian portal announced the initiative “IT vacations” within which IT companies should invite pupils on an excursion. IT in Belarus is developing at light speed, lots of orders are coming from abroad, and Belarus needs more programmers every new year, therefore this action seems very important to us.

According to dev.by, today, IT industry in Belarus spans 6853 companies. Among them, 853 companies match to the industry of computer and information services, and 140 companies are the members of High Tech Park giving a majority of tax privileges. Each of these entities feels significant shortage of human resources, especially programmers. For instance, recently, VironIT looked for a programmer, an English teacher and got only 3 replies from programmers and 88 replies from teachers. That is the proof why demand is so intensive.

In other words, the country lacks programming specialists. And, maybe, present pupils are future successful programmers that will lift up the IT-sector in Belarus more and more. Our engagement is a good opportunity to influence local IT market – and here, we take part. So, how it was…

On the 4th and 5th of January, 35 pupils of 9-17 years old from several Belarusian towns visited us. Not all children have a clear idea of what IT kitchen is. However, a 9-year-old girl struck us with the question “Which polygons do you use, creating 3D-models?” Wondering what questions you were bothered when you were 9 years old? As it turned out later, the girl has already programmed in Scratch.


Firstly, children were interested in how to get into IT, what is needed for it, what education they will have to get.

Some of our employees prepared presentations. One of VironIT co-owners, Alexey Grakov, told about personal experiences that led him to IT sphere, how he climbed the professional ladder, what he usually looks for choosing a candidate, and what should be the perfect CV.


Our Deputy director Vadim Kastritskiy clarified that IT-persons are not only programmers. Designers, business analysts, technical writers, testers, project managers, marketers and many others work in IT too. Also, he told about kinds of IT companies according to customer’s portrait.

Our 3D artist Vladimir Gabidulin presented his own creative way. He amazed the guests with bright three-dimensional models for game projects, told how to become a 3D designer.


One more our worker, Alexander Evmenchik, shared with the idea to get in IT through a thorny path: the main thing is not to give up. He got economic education and came to programming via courses and self-education.


‘This meeting gave us insight how pupils choose their future profession, helped us to understand interests of young generation to be aware of every upcoming step when we would invite them for an interview. To make it true, we gave them gifts as different books on programming. Besides, it was interesting to share with personal experience. Probably, we will pick up this idea and will invite more pupils next year’, Alexey Grakov resumed.


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