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How to Get an App Store Approval?

01.09.2016 Nasta Loban
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How to Get an App Store Approval?

According to the statistics, approximately 1/3 applications are rejected to be launched in App Store. The reason is that each app goes through strict review. That is why you need to study the App Store Review Guidelines carefully to get App Store approval.

App Store is responsible for providing safety for app users. And it also helps app developers to reach success and even earn money. App Store Review Guidelines consists of five parts:

  1. Firstly, honor the privacy policy in your app. Then, your app should not be offensive and risky for life. For example, if it is a medical app, all the data must be accurate.
  2. Make sure, your team of developers has tested the app for bugs. Your app should provide all the necessary data appropriate for your potential clients.
  3. If you want to earn money with your app, .provide all purchase information to the user and follow payment policy, written in this guideline.
  4. Customers prefer innovative and easy-to-use products with an excellent interface.
  5. Your app must meet all requirements in a location where you want to make it available.

According to the data on the AppReviewTimes.com website, since 2015 Apple has been reducing the average App Store approval time for apps to be uploaded in App Store. And now App Store approval process takes only up to two days. Speed up of applications considering process allows developers to remove latent bugs and add new functions to the app. Thus, this helps developers to keep up the last tendencies on the market. Now Apple has become closer to its main competitor – Google, which apps approval time takes only several hours. Google Play app approval process is automated, while Apple team studies apps for viruses or inappropriate content by itself.

One of the main stages of App Store approval process is testing your app for bugs with TestFlight Beta Testing. There are two types of testing:

  • Internal

By this way of testing, you can share the beta version of the app with your team (up to 25 members) and get feedback from them.

  • External

This test type requires sharing your app with up to 2,000 users. So a broad audience can beta-test your app and say what they like or not before public release.

So, if you want your app to be approved by App Store, test it for bugs and make sure that all the information is right and complete. By the way, add contact information because App Review might need to connect with you.

Today the competence in the app market is very high. There are millions of apps. So, the challenge is to make your app noticeable and popular with the audience. To make it so, you need to know how to apply such marketing tool as ASO – App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization is the process of making your app high-rated. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through App Store searches. The aim is to direct more traffic to the app in order to make customers download it. The higher your app in the top list, the more it visible for your potential clients. You need to maintain App Store optimization during the whole app lifecycle. Here are some basic App Store optimization tips:

  1. Know your customers and competitors

What is your competitive edge? Why clients need your app? Answer these questions and analyze the market, its tendencies. Add keywords in your app`s description to make it easy-to-find. Be oriented on the keywords that are more trafficked.

  1. Name is 50% of success

Create a unique name for your app. For the better results of App Store optimization, try to include keywords in the name of your app.

  1. Describe your app

Your description should include all advantages and main features of your app. Make it clear, easy to understand and fulfill it with keywords.

  1. Make a nice icon

An icon is the first impression of your app, so make it recognizable and memorable.

  1. Add screenshots and a short video

Images give a full picture of your app`s interface. And video helps to visualize your app before download it.

  1. Localization is the “must.”

Today if you try to make your app “for all”, you will fail. Go to the 1st point – remember who your clients are. Write a description and make a video of your app in languages of your potential customers.

  1. Social networks = more traffic

Create online presence of your app in social media, ask users to write reviews, invest in online advertising.

  1. Launch updates

Each new app version naturally goes higher in the top list because clients are eager to know what new features, design or functions are.

Here were just some key points that you should pay attention to if you want to get App Store approval. Carefully read App Store Review Guidelines before launching your app. Undoubtedly, this is not a simple task to create an app, but if you have a very good idea or just want to experience yourself as an app developer, what can stop you?

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