How much do web developers make: The way to pay less for the same result

How much do web developers make: The way to pay less for the same result

How much do web developers make

Any new step in creating something begins from analyzing market prices. If you are a hired person, you might be interested in the price your colleagues earn. If you are a business entity, you will want to know the price to make a web project. Anyway, the question ‘How much does a web developer make?’ is very actual.

Originally, the rate depends on many factors. Moreover, it is difficult to define the appropriate average sum of money the customer would pay. Sometimes, executors differ from each other by several facts. They could manage to do the same task but they bill for their work differently. The market dictates prices. So, what exactly does influence on the price?

All good things come to those who wait

There are some criteria determining the rate. They can be such as deep experience, long-term working, and, of course, location. Look at some digitals and then read results of salaries research down there.

  • Experience
  • Long-term playing
  • Location

The USA and the UK are on top among well-paid developers. They really earn much, but it also means that customers pay much.

For instance, an American programmer writes: ‘Starting I used to earn around $50 per hour, but a little time later I achieved a $85/hour rate’. Such price is actual mostly for lightweight front-end work. Overwise, people working on WebGL would bill over $150/hr. By the way, the same price is real for an American iOS developer working at a company. (So, if you want to know how much app developers make, you are welcome). Thereby, an annual profit of an American developer can reach at least $100 000, raising even up to $300 000.


According to, the average annual wage of American programmers is sticking on $70 K. Here are some indexes from its exploration of web development.


British programmers stick on the same level. For example, senior Java, senior dev and senior C# have an average annual wage of £40 000-50 000. However, a skilled UK programmer is able to push between £40-80 per hour. So, daily a senior web developer earns about £450 (hourly £56).

Eastern Europe has more pleasant digitals to customers. The Baltic region sets the sum at $50 approximately. It also depends on the developing direction, but sometimes customers can catch a fish with a fewer bait.

A penny saved is a penny earned

Assembling exciting testimonials from customers, developers raise their experience. Counting working years they do the same. However, the economic situation inside the country reflects different tariffs and dictates own price-forming.

One of such countries giving big hopes is Belarus. In 2015, the Martin Prosperity Institute published the Global Creativity Index, according to that Belarus takes the 37th place among 139 talented nations. By the way, this country is also ranked #41 in technology.

Belarusian programmers stand out by many useful features. Usually international customers have no difficulties, communicating with them. Belarusian developers speak English as well and are able to deal with the same challenges for the price $14-16 per hour.

What a simple calculation!

Here we have shown only a hired developers’ minimum wage. What about those developers as business entities? How much do they charge?

To count an approximate price for company’s service, i.e. the number that the company bills to the customer, we can treat the scheme.

Usually, the employee’s salary is a 50% part of the whole company’s profit. Plus taxes, outcomes for the office keeping, including a rent, and a clean profit itself. As a result, we are getting the price almost twice more than programmer’s wage. By the way, in some cases, it can be even thrice more. This also depends on company’s experience and its location. The market dictates prices as well as always. It means that the competitive price is set. Developing companies can estimate their work more expensive.


Larger American companies with client-facing facilities bill at least $50-100 per hour and sometimes this rate spans over $300 per hour. For example, comparing this price with Belarusian one, we make a conclusion that there are no limitations of possibilities. Belarusian web development player as a business entity can make your project starting the rate of $20/hr. IT-companies hire programmers with English skills that make no difficulties for conducting negotiations. Truly, to make sure, you just need to try, because actions speak louder than words!

Please, estimate my article. I did my best!
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