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Common mistakes of Android 6.0 and their solutions

12.09.2016 Tatiana Kir
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Common mistakes of Android 6.0 and their solutions

Mobile apps development attracts more software developers nowadays due to a constant grow of their popularity. It is a good way of earning money as high-quality application gains popularity rather quickly and the developers receive new orders too. One of the most obvious difficulties experienced by the developers is a constant update of existing or creation of new operating systems. Apart from functional peculiarities, each app developer should be ready to adjust his application to the problems and mistakes made by OS developers. The latest release of Android, 6.0 version called Marshmallow had not become an exception too. What should app developers be ready for and how to create an application that will not cause any problems with OS? The answers and the list of problems are to be given in this article.

A battery gets flat rather fast

It is a common problem not only for 6.0 but all Android OS. Most likely, it happens because of running apps. The only advice given by developers is to follow the processes on your device and switch unnecessary ones off. Uncompanionable with the new OS applications can also bring to battery drain, so it is advisable to update them and then clear their cache. As a result, efforts to mobile app development require consideration of this continuous problem and looking for ways how to make new apps not so obtrusive for a phone.

Errors with Wi-Fi connection

How annoying it is to have the latest version of the smartphone and be unable to surf the Internet! Inability to connect some Wi-Fi spots is a problem characteristic of Marshmallow. The enthusiasts offer to toggle Airplane Mode to reset connection of the spot on your phone and reconnect it one more time. This problem influences work of many apps that require web connection; sometimes it is wiser to develop Android apps that are not so dependent on the net.

Audio and Microphone issues

Who might even think about volume issues during Android app development process? But this problem of 6.0 is also rather widely spread. The only advice for people, who suffer from this problem, is to reset a mobile phone, while software developers can minimize the issue by duplicating pronounced commands with written wording.

Instability of Android 6.0 performance

All new products are subjected to bugs and require some time for updates. New Android device manager also experiences this problem: occasional reboots, crashes of apps, hanging, glitches and stutters, etc. All this influences both work of apps and the phone owner’s patience, so it is always more valuable if applications could save information within some time periods to avoid loss of important data in case of reboot. Phone users are also advised to save data periodically and make necessary updates in time.

Problems with video player

Another issue to consider before start mobile application development for Marshmallow is reported errors and failures of some codecs. If a video is not deinterlaced, it will not be supported on this phone at all. It means that not every video can be watched on Android 6.0, so before updating your OS take this disadvantage into account.

GPS failures on Marshmallow

One more drawback determined by users is a lack of GPS accuracy. Many of them logged this problem on the AOSP tracker, but Google cannot find a proper solution for this Android development issue. The only thing offered by the developer is to toggle GPS both on and off, check Wi-Fi connection or using a Battery Saving Mode to make GPS more accurate.

Many other problems await Android 6.0 users. Many people report about data problems, difficulties with connecting the phone to PC, a popular Android problem with insufficient storage and lack of free space as a result, a pretty common problem with charging and installation, etc. They are passed from one generation of this OS to another but are still present even in the latest versions. Consequently, people, who deal with the development of applications for Android including Marshmallow should take into account these issues and improve their apps to meet the requirements of users and secure them from any misfortunes that can await them if their OS on the phone plays false. It will make mobile phone users trust app developers and use their products more often.

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