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Case Study: The auction platform for the biggest Russian car dealer Rolf

29.11.2016 Margaret Geras
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Case Study: The auction platform for the biggest Russian car dealer Rolf

Customer profile

Rolf is the biggest car dealer in the Russian market, working with such brands as Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Chrysler, Lexus, Porsche, Toyota, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

The company has a department Blue Fish that is engaged in the sale and purchase of used cars, and also offers credit programs, insurance, warranties for used cars and assistance program on the roads.

Challenge bluefish.ru

Our task was to develop an online platform where cars would be put up for the auction. The idea means the user can make bets and watch the process in his account. If the lot is closed in his favor, a dealership showroom, where he can pick up the car, will be offered for him. Also, he can take a car on credit, insure it and pay anytime. The registration in the system can go only with the help of a phone number – it definitely simplifies user’s experience, but we execute it not effortlessly.


Technical implementation

So, we had to implement all this on the technical stage. We used the PHP 5 language – almost all of the code was written from scratch – not using already-made frames.

The system was built using the type of classic English auction, where the bidding process starts from the minimum bid, the price increases step by step, all participants know the rates, and the winner is the one who will complete the exhibition with the biggest offer. We took auction platform Scandy as a base, developed formerly.

The website bluefish.ru introduces a trading platform, the directory, where the visitor can choose a favorite car. Each lot has a detailed description and technical characteristics, and the selected vehicle can be compared with others in a convenient form.

To find out a vehicle matching the user’s purpose, we have developed a search form with a choice of options. Also, the color scheme of the lot is changing at each stage.

All lists of lots come from the Rolf server and processes on the server too – integration goes through the API. The server constantly updates MySQL database with dealerships’ addresses and managers’ contacts to help the user to pick up the car.



The project required al least 9 months of non-stopping work. Sometimes, the client made changes. 2 our developers were dedicated for it. At the first time, the idea seems easily-implemented, but to the end of working process, we got a ready project with many, too many pages of lots. We even can’t tell the quantity exactly, because the number is growing all the time.

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