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5 proven reasons of IT services outsourcing from the USA to Belarus

11.08.2016 Igor Belon
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5 proven reasons of IT services outsourcing from the USA to Belarus

Why did Belarusians earn a great reputation in the international IT market?

Belarus, which is neither very big nor very rich country, is one of the leaders at the Eastern and at the Central European IT market. This country has quickly and deservedly gained its reputation — now Belarus is a 13th leading country of the world in IT outsourcing. Outsourcing IT is a strong point of Belarus, and many Belarusian IT companies, accept VironIT, prove this fact through MSQRD and Viber success and demonstrate that IT sphere is actually well-developed in Belarus. It’s safe to say that the presence of the leading game dev companies, as well as a lot of mobile and web developers, shows that Belarus software development is going exponentially now.

However, what are the main reasons for the popularity of the IT outsourcing to Belarus, and why is it advantageous to choose Belarus for IT outsourcing?

  1. High-quality education and high-quality services

A note of historical interest is needed here for a better understanding of what are we talking about. When Belarus was a part of the USSR, it was a sort of “Silicon Valley” for the whole country. More than 50 percent of computers were manufactured in this republic, and a great part of the software was developed in Belarus. After that, in the 1990s, the country with no resources, such as gas and oil, has chosen its own way to prosperity — education. Belarus has decided to rely on the young talents, and it worked! Now Belarus has one of the highest education levels among the countries of the former USSR, and in 2015 it was ranked as #8 world’s talented nation. For historical reasons mentioned before, a high level of education has an impact on IT sphere, and about 4,000 high-class IT specialists graduate from the universities of Belarus every year. Today there are more than 34,000 IT professionals, both software, mobile and web developers in Belarus. Moreover, quantity has transformed into quality here — so the employer has an option of choosing the best of the best.

  1. Low cost of development

Actually, the low cost of services at all, not only software development. Belarus is not a very rich country, and the average wage of an IT specialist here is about $1,400. Let’s take an average Software Engineer in the USA and compare — he gets $6,600 monthly, so the profit for the employer is undeniable. Moreover, the technical level of Belarusian IT specialists is the same and does not lose to American and Western European colleagues. That’s why an employer just can’t go wrong if he chooses Belarusian outsourcing IT services.

  1. Geography

Due to the fact Belarus is located not far from the Western Europe, its time zone it UTC+3, so working with American and European clients is not a problem. Again, because of its geographical position, it’s easy to reach every European city by plane — 3 hours and you are in London if needed. Such a proximity to the Western Europe makes a collaboration much easier.

  1. European culture

Traditional outsourcing countries, such as Vietnam or India, are, of course, good, although while working with Belarusians you will feel no cultural gap. This country is located between Europe and Asia, and people here have absorbed the best European traditions. Needless to say, every IT specialist in Belarus speaks at least English well — that’s why you won’t feel uncomfortable, working with them.

  1. High technical level

Very high! Without exaggeration, this advantage is the main reason for outsourcing to Belarus. A web, software and mobile developers list is very long and most of these companies are successful and goal-oriented.

Highly skilled specialists, talented teams, high-quality products, well-known IT companies and the great reputation of Belarusian developers speak for themselves.

 Igor Belonenko

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